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Norwest Strata Office Update

Norwest Strata Office Update

Norwest Business Park has recently seen a significant reduction in overall commercial strata sales due to limited supply of available stock within the marketplace. As a result, demand has boomed and sale prices have increased with capital growth ranging between 20 – 50% on sale rates that had only recently been achieved 24 months ago.

The leasing market has also seen positive signs of appreciation with rents experiencing an average of 10% growth. Landlords have also experienced a significant reduction in vacancy rates, tightening of rent negotiation and reduced rent free incentives.

The Norwest market is changing, opportunities are now emerging and Thiink Commercial are the leading property professionals who will add value to your commercial investments through our highly experienced agents and superior market knowledge and advice.

Contact us today to discuss how we can benefit you to assist with all of your commercial or industrial requirements.




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